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Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument). eu.baltic.net

In addition, the project is supported by the German Federal Programm Transnational Cooperation of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. www.interreg.de

Urb.Energy Final Outputs

The Urb.Energy partners compiled four main documents to assist other towns to make their cities and neighbourhoods more energy-efficient and liveable, thus contributing to climate protection and attractive cities for its inhabitants in Europe and worldwide:

Policy recommendations: Energy efficient urban areas and neighbourhoods – A contribution to liveable and competitive cities
The paper presents five main recommendations, based on the experience of the Urb.Energy partners, to put municipalities in a good position to increase the energy efficiency of cities and their neighbourhoods and to develop an affordable and climate friendly energy supply in combination with the modernisation of city districts. To find here.

Integrated Urban Development Approach Targeting at Energy Efficient Residential Areas
The manual explains the need for integrated urban development approaches with focus on energy relevant issues in order to target the improvement of energy efficiency of residential neighborhoods with their modernisation. It gives practical operational advice to local administrations how to plan and implement such approaches successfully. To find here.

Holistic Strategies for Energy Efficient Refurbishment of the Housing Stock and Renewal of the Related Energy Supply System    
The manual presents an overview of various suitable and realistic approaches to implement energy and climate friendly measures to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in the building sector embedded in the framework of an integrated energy efficiency concept for urban districts, especially for residential areas. To find here.

Guidelines for Innovative Use of EU Funds for Measures in the Housing Sector and Deprived Urban Areas
The guidelines present a practical approach to available funding options on both national and EU level. They can be used by local, regional or national actors when drawing up financing schemes for energy efficient refurbishment or integrated urban development concepts. To find here.

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Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action
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