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WP3-Workshop in Siauliai

The workshop in Lithuania started in the afternoon of 17 September 2009 with a short excursion to the target area of Siauliai. Afterwards, project partners were welcomed by the Vice Mayor of Siauliai Daiva Matoniene in the conference venue, the „Siauliai Arena“. As a first introduction to the themes of the workshop, i.e. the presentation and discussion of the first steps of integrated urban development concepts, the Work Package Coordination Team of WP3 gave an introduction to the topic SWOT-analysis. Afterwards, the six Eastern European target areas (TAs) presented their experiences and results regarding the SWOT-analyses for the TAs.

The next day started with the continuation of the evaluation and reflection of the method SWOT-analysis. Therefore, some crucial topics of the experiences made in Berlin were presented.  The next issue on the agenda was the definition of development goals and strategies for the TAs. This was done on four round tables via the „World Cafe Method“. In the afternoon, the topic „participation processes in urban development“ was introduced via two lectures, one reflecting the experiences made in Berlin, the other presenting the results of participation processes in small and medium sized cities in Brandenburg.

After a brief conclusion on what had been discussed and achieved, the workshop was closed successfully.


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