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WP4-Seminar in Jelgava

In the afternoon of 16 September 2009 the WP4-Seminar on energy efficiency in buildings and the related energy supply structure started. Over 65 participants took part in the event which was opened by the Andris Ravins, the Mayor of Jelgava. Petra Schwarz, German Association for Housing, Urban and Spatial Development gave a welcome to the participants before three keynote speaches were held. They were introducing German as well as the Latvian experiences regarding projects on energy efficiency in the energy supply infrastructure.

Afterwards, three moderated working groups came together to discuss in detail various aspects of energy efficiency in heating supply systems, incl. new and innovative technologies.

On the next day, the second part of the WP4-Seminar was implemented. The focus now was on projects already implemented in Jelgava within the framework of German-Latvian cooperation projects. After two presentations on the projects, the seminar was concluded with a site visit: before travelling to Lithuania for the next event, the project partners had the change to visit one housing refurbishment project which has been already completed and one project, which was near completion.


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