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In addition, the project is supported by the German Federal Programm Transnational Cooperation of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. www.interreg.de

WP4-Seminar in Jelgava and WP3-Workshop in Siauliai

From 16 September 2009 till 18 September 2009 an Urb.Energy „double-event“ took place in Latvia and Lithuania. Partners met first in on a WP4-Seminar in Jelgava, Latvia before travelling to Siauliai, Lithuania on the next day for a WP3-Workshop.

Please find below the documentation of both events including the agenda, all presentations and the brief summaries of the working groups.

Agenda of the WP4-Seminar and WP3-Workshop

Documentation of the WP4-Seminar in Jelgava

Documentation of the WP3-Workshop in Siauliai


WP3-Workshop in Siauliai


Pictures from Jelgava and Siauliai

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Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action
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