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Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, Housing Department

The Grodno Executive Committee, Housing Department (hereinafter referred to as Department) is an organization department of Grodno Executive Committee which gives leadership for Grodno region Communal Service organizations (hereinafter referred to as submitted organizations).

The Department was created by Grodno Executive Committee. The Department activity subordinates to Grodno Executive Committee and Ministry for Housing and Communal Services of Belarus Republic.
The Department activity is guided by Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, other Belarusian legislative acts and Department Regulation.

The Department System consists of:

  • Grodno region Housing and Communal Services unitary enterprises,
  • Grodno Housing and Communal Services unitary enterprises and district Housing and Communal Services unitary enterprises;
  • other organizations created with established order.  

Among the other organizations is the Lida business-incubator Apsel Ltd. The Lida town Housing and Communal Services unitary enterprise is one of the founders of the business-incubator. The main tasks of business-incubator activity are elaboration, monitoring, new technologies transfer and also international projects management UrbEnergy project including.

Within its competence the Department cooperates with Grodno Executive Committee organization departments, local Soviet of Deputies, executive and regulatory authorities, public and others organizations and unions.

The main tasks of the Department are:

  • submitted organizations state management;
  • state Housing reforming and integrated technical politics  for Grodno region Housing and Communal Services enterprises development and sustainable functioning;
  • arrangement of necessary conditions for Grodno region Housing and Communal Services organizations effective work, for satisfaction of economic players and inhabitants Housing and Communal Services needs and also for the quality improvement and Services mix expansion;
  • observance of law checking during the production target of Contractual Obligations by submitted organizations implementation.


Grodno Oblast Executive Committee, Housing Department

Leonid Mastyugin

Lida-business incubator, Sovetskaya str. 43 – 4

Lida, Grodno 231300

Fon: +375-1561-20413
Fax: +375-1561-67213
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Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action
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