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Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund and European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument). eu.baltic.net

In addition, the project is supported by the German Federal Programm Transnational Cooperation of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs. www.interreg.de

Baltic Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

Baltic Union of Co-operative Housing Associations was founded on Ocober 5 in 1999 in Tallinn. The formation of the union grew out from the need for a joint and strong representation of the housing co-operatives and associations in three small Baltic states. The founders of the union were representatives of co-operative housing organisations in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Why was BUCHA founded:

  • Three Baltic states have similar economical and political history
  • Three Baltic states have passed the process of privatisation at the beginning of 1990-s
  • Majority of the population in all three Baltic states lives in multi-apartment buildings
  • Housing stock in the whole Baltic region has been built under the circumstances of a very low building quality and has been without professional maintenance during last 50 years
  • Housing stock in all Baltic states needs a large-scale comprehensive energy efficient renovation

The goals of BUCHA:

  • Represent co-operative housing movement of Baltic states in Europe and worldwide
  • Promote networking and information exchange of co-operative housing sector in the Baltic states
  • Supporting the development of housing co-operatives and associations in Baltic states in the framework of different international projects

Activities of BUCHA:

  • Organise training and information exchance for cooperative housing sector in Baltic region
  • Implementing research and development activites for co-operative housing sector in Baltic region
  • Coordinating and representing co-operative housing movement in Baltic region
  • Promoting the development of legislation concerning co-operative housing sector in EU and on national level
  • Developing the financing opportunities for renovation of housing co-operatives and associations
  • Representation and lobby in international organisations and European Union


Baltic Union of Cooperative Housing Associations

Marit Otsing

Sakala 23 a
Tallinn 10141

Fon: +372-511-7327
Fax: +372-627-5751
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Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action
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