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Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture (MIL), Brandenburg

The Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture (MIR) deals with the spatial and infrastructural development in the urban and rural regions of the State of Brandenburg. Amongst the key topics of the ministry are housing and urban development, transport, and spatial planning, and since the rearrangement of ministerial tasks in 2009, also issues of agricultural and forest development. With its policies, public investment and subsidies, the MIL helps to enhance the quality and attraction of Brandenburg’s cities, towns and villages and to make the state of Brandenburg a highly liveable region. Sustainability in all fields of the ministry’s action, including climate protection and saving energy is an important policy focus.

The ministry pursues an integrated approach to urban and rural development, housing and transport policy, reflecting the interdependency of the various topics. With regards to energy conservation and reducing the CO2 footprint, compact and attractive inner cities, energy efficient buildings and intelligent networks are supported in order to provide Brandenburg’s citizens with an enabling environment. Answering to the changing demographic structures, especially the demands of young families in a generally ageing population are a central policy issue. It is an aim to secure the citizens’ mobility and to support economic development trough modern transport and communication infrastructures and to promote the socio-economical and cultural development of the joint capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg.

The ministry hosts the joint Regional Planning Authority of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg that has a unique planning competence in the metropolitan agglomeration; with Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport as a key project.


Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture (MIL), Brandenburg

Peter Busch

Henning-von-Tresckow-Straße 2-8
Potsdam 14467

Fon: +49-331-8668200
Fax: +49-331-8668368
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Energy Efficient and Integrated Urban Development Action
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