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Partners Recent Developments

Energy Saving Days, Siauliai

November 2011, Lithuania

"Energy saving days" took place in Siauliai within the framework of Urb.Energy project. Four events called "My home: light, warm and clean" were organized in two primary schools and two kindergartens located in the target areas. Children drew posters showing their imagination of warm, light and clean home. After discussing the drawings and introducing the information about energy saving, all children were taught how to sort garbage and to take care of their living environment. 

The aim of the last event – a discussion with inhabitants of Siauliai – was to share the experience and practice with other municipalities and to present the project results to Siauliai City inhabitants.

Renewable Energy Day Angermünde

January 2012, Germany

In the context of Urb.Energy the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Potsdam invited to an event in Angermünde, Brandenburg, about the design of sustainable energy supply in cities and rural communities. Energy efficiency and renewable energies were in focus of the event. The thematic frame gave the contemporary structural change in towns and municipalities in rural areas caused by the impact of demographic change, resulting in cutbacks of social infrastructure, transport and utilities. An important role in this problematic can play the establishment of a decentralized energy supply.
Presentations about
•    Opportunities for development of rural areas through decentralized energy supply systems,
•    Funding programs for promoting local energy concepts,
•    The multifunctional energy centre Casekow and
•    Integrated approaches to refurbishment of residential areas
gave the audience of more than 30 stakeholders in regional and energy development a broad input and stimulated intensive talks and discussions on perspectives of renewable energies and decentralized energy supply.

Calculation tool to determine key energy values

Within the framework of the project Urb.Energy, the Center of Competence for Major Housing Estates with its associated partners developed a calculation tool which evaluates and depicts the results of integrated urban development as well as energy efficient refurbishment measures implemented in the past twenty years in two residential areas in Berlin.

The benefits of the tool for transnational cooperation of cities are diverse.Not only can it be used by municipalities for an entire city area to compare neighborhoods, develop neighborhood-specific strategies and set priorities for urban development policies. It also helps to make the locally achieved data, values and results transnationally comparable.

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Renovation campaign of apartment buildings

October, November 2011, Estonia

The campaign on renovation of apartment buildings was conducted in two stages from October 24th to November 30th, 2011. The target of the campaign was to facilitate the renovation of apartment buildings with the help of KredEx financing measures and the target group included the boards and active members, as well as inhabitants of apartment buildings.

The main message of the campaign was that KredEx helps to renovate so that the repayment of loan is smaller than the amount saved on heating expenses, and renovation is feasible for every association. The main channel of the campaign was television, where 4 channels in Estonian and 4 in Russian were utilized. The TV was strongly supported by Internet banners (est/rus) leading to the campaign web page (est/rus) visited by 8,307 people during the campaign period; radio advertisements (est/rus); printed advertisements in local papers (est/rus); outdoor media advertisements (bus pavilions, trolleybuses) and direct mailing to leaders of apartment associations.

As a whole, the campaign can be considered as successful both in regard to coverage and the message. The campaign delivered a professional message in an understandable way. The actual influence of the campaign can be evaluated towards spring, when the active application period should begin.

The TV spot can be found here.

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